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Party Game Timer is a countdown timer made for social and party games. What makes this timer unique is that you can set it to go off after a random amount of time. Party Game Timer also makes a great replacement for many of the toylike timers that come packaged with social and party games, and for your iPhone's built in clock application. Easy to use interface made for a party game setting Set timer to go off after a random or fixed amount of time Enable or disable ticking noises and start/stop sounds Enable or disable showing how much time is left Sounds an alarm when the timer has expired Animates and vibrates when going off, so you'll notice the timer expiring in a noisy situation Automatically saves your last settings Pause and resume Choose from one of many fun sound themes Looping mode set Party Game Timer to go off repeatedly Party Game Timer is great for Games with randomly timed rounds There are a few party games where a timer goes off randomly games like Last Word and Pass the Bomb. Party Game Timer can be set to go off after a random amount of time by adjusting a minimum and maximum duration, so it is perfect for these games. Combined with the ability to pick from many different sound themes, you can use Party Game Timer for a much more customized gaming experience. For example, you could increase or decrease the amount of time in a round depending on the skill level of the players. once played a word game called Pass the Bomb with a group of skilled Scrabble players, and found it useful to make rounds much longer to accommodate for the advanced skill level of the players. Trivia / party games with short countdowns n some games you have just seconds to give an answer. These could be trivia games like Jeopardy and Family Feud or party games like the Chain Game or Wits and Wagers. Party Game Timer is great for these games because it lets you adjust short time intervals to the second. The built in timer on your iPhone only handles hours and minutes, so if you need a countdown timer that goes off within seconds, you need Party Game Timer instead. Party games with timed rounds There are many, many party games like Pictionary, Charades, and Taboo that have one or two minute rounds. You could use your iPhone's built in timer or the timer that comes with these games, but since Party Game Timer was made for fun and games, it is a much better fit for this situation. Slow strategy games Tired of waiting forever for someone to finish a round of Risk, Stratego, or Scrabble? You can use Party Game Timer to impose a time limit for each round. Other uses Replacement for your existing iPhone or stopwatch timer Unlike the iPhone's built in timer, Party Game Timer lets you adjust seconds Cooking timer Want to put something in the oven, step outside, and be reminded when it's done? Party Game Timer lets you do this easily. Plus, if the cooking directions say '1015 minutes', you could take it literally by setting your timer to go off randomly between 10 and 15 minutes... Exercise timer Party Game Timer can go off in intervals (for example, once every 15 minutes), which can be useful for exercising. Fart Machine Just set the sound theme to Fart and get ready for countless minutes of iFartlike fun! Musical Chairs Hot Potato



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