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Do you find Parts of Plants hard to understand? Do you find your textbook too difficult and confusing? Parts of Plants gives you a good foundation with the topic so that you can understand your teacher, read your course materials, learn with your friends, and do better in exams. Parts of Plants is more than just a list of vocabulary words. We have researched the main key words you need for this topic and developed literacy activities so you can succeed at school. The app starts with a description of Parts of Plants that includes the main key words. Supported by great visuals and native speaker recordings, the app then brings you through the meanings of these words and how to pronounce them correctly. The activities include a pronunciation check, spelling exercise, word order, gap fill and multichoice activities that prepare you to describe Parts of Plants in English, in both speech and writing. Introduction Beginning with a written and audio description of Parts of Plants, the key words are presented. Vocabulary These key words are then defined and demonstrated in sample sentences. Pronunciation You then identify the correctly stressed syllables to pronounce the key words correctly and confidently. Word order Next, practise putting the words in the right order to make correct sentences. Spelling You can focus on the correct spelling to reduce your errors in writing. Multiple choice questions Test your understanding of the topic. Gap fill Before describing Parts of Plants in your own words, make a final check of how the key words fit into the description. Conclusion Now you can write a description of Parts of Plants or record yourself describing it clearly in English and share it with your friends. Glossary This provides a quick revision of the key words. Audio recording by specialist teachers Graphics to clarify language meaning Fully supported by iPhone and iPad Playback option Record feature Interactive exercises Hyperlink from glossary to the vocabulary section No connection to Internet needed after downloading The methodology behind this App comes from a threeyear research project carried out by academics at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. The team are all language and literacy specialists in second language teaching and learning. The app itself has been designed by specialists in applied grammar, writing, technology and mobile learning.


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