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Turns your photos into first class oil paintings. ll smoothly animated, at blazing speed! Previously featured under "New and Noteworthy" in the pp Store. Prepare to experience something quite unique Just pick any photo from your library. Watch it immediately animate stroke by stroke into a high quality impressionistic oil painting. Share your masterpieces with the world. PaintMee combines rock solid, world unique art generation algorithms and professional quality output with extreme ease of use and a high level of entertainment. Only available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! Exceptional ease of use is employed throughout the app. Only the currently relevant controls are visible at any time. No screen cluttering, to keep focus on your art. Six carefully balanced parameter controls are available for you to play around with. Individually, all deeply impact the look of the final painting, and when used in combination the possibilities are virtually endless. Even applying identical settings twice generates two completely unique paintings! You make the settings, you are the artist The algorithms are very flexible and stable to guarantee great results with any input image. lthough the processing is highly complex, heavy optimization keeps waiting times at a minimum, making PaintMee not just incredibly powerful but also, just as importantly, fun to use! The finished paintings are internally stored in a resolution independent format, so you can zoom as deep as you like into them to inspect the paint. ny painting can be saved in sizes up to 1920 x 1280 (2.5 megapixels), regardless of the size of the source photo. full screen crop feature lets you quickly and easily specify exactly what part of the source photo to use and the shape of the canvas in a single simple step. Support for smooth animation is built right into the core of the algorithms. If you wish, use the slider to enjoy the painting at a lower pace. You can even halt the animation completely and save snapshots of your unfinished work of art! Save your paintings to your photo album, to facebook, to an email, to the shared documents folder or to the clipboard for use in other apps. For advanced users n Extreme Definition Export upgrade is available Export, D $2.99) which enables saving in sizes up to 7680 x 5120 (39 megapixels)! These giant images are saved as sixteen separate files, so manual recomposition on a desktop computer is needed before printing them. n painting looks fantastic on your wall when reproduced on a large canvas!



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