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One of the worlds most loved Origami websites is now an app! Now you can carry around OrigamiFun.com in your pocket and use it to make the most awesome Origami models. 55 of the best models from OrigamiFun.com Easy stepbystep diagrams videos to make sure you're doing it right All the favourites, plus some rare and spectacular ones! Beautiful photos of completed models, so you can see what you're about to make Diagrams Included 8Petal Flower Bird Blossom Boat Box Bunny Butterfly Candy Dish Cat Crane Crown Cup Dog Dolphin Dragon Dragon Head Envelope Flapping Bird Flower Stem Fortune Teller Frog Gift Bow Hat Heart Horse House Jetplane Ladybird Leaf Lily Lotus Lucky Star Modular Star Monkey Mountain Owl Pelican Penguin Pine Tree Rectangle Box Rose Sail Boat Samurai Hat Snapper Star Star Box Sunfish Swan Talking Dog Tortoise Traditional Box Triangle Box Tulip Twirling Bird Water Bomb Whale Origami Fun provides hours of paper folding fun! The beauty of Origami is it can be enjoyed by everyone. Make something cool when you've got a few minutes to spare Have loads of fun paper folding with your family and friends If you're a teacher or belong to a social group, this app is perfect for keeping the group entertained and stimulating their minds. Requires iOS 6.0 or later Have a suggestion? Trouble with our app? Email us support@origamifun.com Enjoy!

Website: http://www.ihqapps.com


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