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so got 2 A's, 3 's and a think will get like a on the QS and went to a good school...What will get?!??!" There is nothing worse than trying to estimate your and sweating it out all year to find out. With Predictor, we have taken into account past scores, past school rankings and other information to give you the best prediction we can deliver! Simply select your School, your subjects, your grades and your expected QS score and the app does the rest. t's great for students in all grades to use! Grade 11 students can see what they would get if they got the same scores in grade 12 as 11. Grade 10 students can get a good idea of the grades they need to aim for. Note This Predictor is only a guide, while we have done our best to research past scores and school rankings, scores vary year to year and also depend on number of students in your class etc. The prediction should only be used as a guide and not fact.


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