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This app only supports general standards. Proprietary subsystems are supported. Sincerely, this is a musthave app for new driving experience for both professional and enthusiastic practices. If you need Fully customizable, cool and elegant dashboards / gauges / / realtime plots (front window projectable) Dyno / dynamometer charts with performance tests (including MaxHorsepower, 60mph and 100Km/h test) Logging, analyzing or exporting data from various data source for further physics analysis or tuning Gathering hidden live data and vehicle info Performing onboard diagnostics, monitors and tests (complete mode 5 / 6 / 8 supported) Over 500+ live data and 10,000+ trouble codes supported ICE You need a NovaScan II WiFi Transmitter™ (or Compatible WiFi Transmitter) before using this app. Please visit http// or http// for more details. NovaScan remotely scans live data from vehicles with sophisticated dashboards, graphing, logging and analyzing systems. It enables drivers to get insight into vehicles and driving dynamics. All contents are designed to comply with the II standards. Vehicles manufactured after / 2000Europe (followed by many nations) ought to comply with the standards. Advanced Time Monitoring and Management Strategies (High Data Accuracy / Precision) functions are applicable to components in vehicles that comply with II standards. Conversions between Metric/US/UK units effects throughout this app and configurable individually. (1) Vehicle Profile Management Advanced multiple vehicles management (2) Dashboards (2.1) My Dashboards "Composes your own customized dashboards from various data source (over 500+)! Enjoy!" (2.2) Performance / Fuel / Engine (Default) Fuel Efficiency Instant/Average Instant/Average/Total Fuel Consumption (Supports customizable fuel blends among Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel, Ethanol, & Methanol. e.g., Performance Ac/Deceleration, Horsepower, Torque, Manifold Air Pressure, Speed, Engine Status Operations Engine Load, Throttle Position, Spark Advance Degree, Manifold Air Pressure, Mass Air Flow Engine Status Temperature Ambient / Intake Air / Coolant Temperature Baro/Fuel Rail Pressure Baro, Fuel Rail, Fuel Rail(Absolute), Wide Range Fuel Rail, Fuel Rail to Manifold Pressure Fuel Tank System Fuel Level, Evap, Evap(Absolute), Wide Range Evap Pressure Short/Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 4 (2.3) Complete Sensors & Catalysts Temperature (Default) Bank 1 4 (Including wide range voltage and current) Catalyst Bank 1 2 (2.4) GaugeFun (Default) "Lots of useful gauges. Of course, you can make yours." (3) Log & Analysis "Logs and analyzes highly accurate and precise data from any dashboards or exports them in format for further comprehensive physics analysis by any means you want!" (4) Onboard Diagnostics, Monitors and Tests (4.1) Reads and reset (Diagnostics Trouble Codes) and (Malfunction Indicator Light) with detailed explanations (4.2) Monitors / Tests Center (Complete mode 5 / 6 / 8 supported on all protocols) Status Overview Oxygen test results with detailed graphs Misfire monitoring results (Supports 16 cylinders) Universal Viewer for Exhaust Gas Sensors, Catalyst, Purge Flow, Exhaust Gas Sensor Heater, Heated Catalyst, 2nd Air, Fuel System, Boost Pressure Control, NOx Adsorber, NOx/SCR Catalyst and Misfire Request to enable Leak Test Conditions Request to initiate Diesel Particulate Filter, Regeneration (5) Powerful and tidy regulated LiveData/Status/VehicleInfo Viewer Thank you for viewing this app!



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