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Now with 4x digital zoom and 27 different aspect ratios! Night Camera uses the accelerometer to ensure the steadiness of the camera before the shutter fires, it creates clearer photos at night and under low light conditions. iPhone has a decent camera for a cell phone. However, due to the space constraint, it has a slow lens, meaning the shutter time is relatively long. At night and under low light conditions, a slight hand movement can cause the photo to be blurry. By using the accelerometer sensor, Night Camera only fires the shutter when it detects the iPhone is steady, thus greatly improving the sharpness of your photos. Night Camera offers 8 modes for your convenience Standard Same as standard camera Stable Accelerometer fires the shutter only when the iPhone is steady, with adjustable sensitivity. Timer Shutter fires after a timed delay. Toss The shutter is fired when the camera is in sudden movement. Great for some artistic photos. Sound Say "Cheers!" to take a picture. Rapid Continue to take photos until canceled. Double Exposure Two photos overlaid. Anaglyph Red/Cyan type of photo. Geotagging Night Camera allows you to use information to tag the photo with 8x digital zoom Single finger operation. Swipe to zoom. You have four color options Color Grayscale Sepia Hard Light (a dramatic effect best for well lit outdoor photos) 27 Aspect Ratios Standard 4x3 Wide 16x9 Square More.... many other options Fullscreen shutter in all modes, so you don't have to look for the tiny camera button. Time stamp overlay. 3x3 grid to help you with the composition. Auto save (no confirmation needed) vs Preview before saving. More. New in 6.0! Editing and effects Grouped under Color, Mono, Art, and Crop. Under Color Auto Correction, White Balance, Saturated, Adjust Brightness, Adjust Contrast, Adjust Color Balance, Adjust Saturation, Color Negative, Night Gain Under Mono Black and White, Dramatic Black and White, Sepia, Negative, Night Vision Under Art Pencil, Pencil with Color, Sculpture, Sculpture with Color, Stencil, Posterize, 30's Photo, 70's Photo Under Crop10 common photo sizes. Want more? Email your suggestions to



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