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Notice Photos and videos are only known to work on iOS4 and 5, but alternatively you can press the home and power buttons at the same time to take a screenshot of the app. This app allows you to take night vision effect photos and videos with sound. You can customise it in many different ways. This includes the ability to use the iPhone 4's torch. It uses advanced technology to provide high quality images with a night vision effect while maintaining smooth video. It improves the lighting to make images more visible than from the iPhone's camera. This app is great value. The many options to play with are Colour Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Aqua, Yellow, Full Picture Quality Low, Normal Intensity Low, Medium, High The level at which the brightness is increased. Enhance Brightness On, off Modifies the brightness to make the image clearer in dark conditions. Demo On, off When on, you can compare the effect to the standard camera image. Torch On, off You can turn the torch on or off if your device has one. Please note, iOS devices do not have any inferred sensors. The night vision effect therefore works best in lowlight conditions and not pitch black. The torch on the iPhone 4 should provide enough light for this to work in very dark areas. The app will work on other iOS devices with a camera. Tested on iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.



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