NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet & Draft Kit 2015

About NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet & Draft Kit 2015

The official fantasy cheat sheet of the National Football League. Featuring content in addition to the latest player news, injury reports, depth charts, keepers, and Create your own custom rankings or calculate them based on your league scoring system. The most important day of your fantasy league is draft day. Dominate your draft! Draft Features Pick Recommendation Engine Using our custom Value Based Drafting algorithm, players are ranked by value instead of just raw points. Calculated using your league scoring system, drafting will never be easier. Current and future weekly projections Mock Draft Practice your draft strategies against the Draft types include serpentine / snake, straight, third round reversal and auction Track all team rosters in your draft. Make better decisions by knowing what players your opponents may be targeting. Auction draft support! Keep track of your available funds and the funds of all other teams in your draft. Display your draft board for everyone to see using AirPlay and your big screen or projector (Apple required). No need to purchase a paper draft board! Extremely deep custom scoring rules options based on your league scoring system. Includes bonus points, length, length, return yards, defensive points against, yards against, and much more! Configure starter position limits for your league, including the ability to select flex positions such as etc. Amazingly accurate stats projections updated several times per week. Player statistics for the past 3 seasons. Up to the minute player news & injury info. Works great offline as well! Active internet connection required. Search by player name to quickly locate any player. Team offensive & defensive rankings. Easily identify players on highpowered offenses. Consistency rating for each player. Know which players you can trust to score consistently on a week to week basis. Complete team schedules including strength of schedule Track keepers for your league. Mark keepers before your draft so you know who's already taken. Complete team depth charts, news and injury reports for each team. Individual Defensive Players included Manually rank players by position or overall. Create the perfect rankings for your draft strategy. Sort players using your own rankings, or projected points Advanced Custom Scoring Engine Passing 14 categories including Passing Yards, Pass, 2pt Conversion, s Thrown, Sacked, 40+ yard pass bonus, 50+ yard pass bonus, 300+ yard passing game, 400+ yard passing game. Rushing 10 categories including Yards, Rushing , 2pt Conversion, Fumbles Lost, 40+ yard rush bonus, 50+ yard rush bonus, 100+ yard rushing game, 200+ yard rushing game Receiving 10 categories including Points per Reception Yards, Receiving , 2pt Conversion, 40+ yard receiving bonus, 50+ yard receiving bonus, 100+ yard receiving game, 200+ yard receiving game Kicking 10 categories including Made/Missed, Made (039 yards), Made/Missed (4049 yards), Made/Missed (50+ yards) Defense & Special Teams 31 categories including Return , Fumble Return , Fumble Recovery, , Sack, Safety, 0 points allowed, 16 points allowed, 713 points allowed, etc. Less than 100 yards allowed, 100199 yards allowed, 200299 yards allowed, etc. Kickoff Return , Punt Return , Blocked Punt, or , Kick Return Yards, Punt Return Yards. Individual Defensive Players 8 categories including Solo Tackles, Assisted Tackles, Return , , Fumble Recovery, Fumble Forced, Sack, Safety



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