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Essential nformation for ll Boat Users. Complete nland Navigation Rules for all inland waters and the Great Lakes. With 100+ specially produced explanatory illustrations and captions. For all boaters. Plus bonus emergency procedures section. and For reference, learning & revision Over 100 custom made graphics for quick reference and easy learning Researched and produced by nautical and marine experts for accuracy Positively evaluated by professionals for reliability The complete nland Navigation Rules for the United States including Parts and plus nnexes, nterpretative Rules and other associated Navigation Regulations are all included in this app. See details below. bonus illustrated section includes emergency procedures for boaters to follow when in difficulty. nyone who is responsible for a vessel, from the smallest dinghy to an ocean going freighter, must be able to recognize other vessels around them by day or night, whatever the visibility. They need to be able to quickly interpret what other vessels are doing, who has right of way and what action they should take to prevent a possible collision. This is not always easy, especially along crowded rivers, narrow channels, in harbors or in poor visibility. NGTON NLN includes the fully illustrated Rules of the Road great for quick reference and easy learning. Steering & Sailing Rules [LLUSTRTE] Lights & Shapes [LLUSTRTE] Sound & Light Signals [LLUSTRTE] NGTON NLN also includes the complete detailed rules as follows Exemptions nnex Positioning and Technical etails of Lights and Shapes nnex dditional Signals for Fishing essels Fishing in Close Proximity nnex Technical etails of Sound ppliances nnex istress Signals [LLUSTRTE] nnex Pilot Signals nterpretive Rules EMRCTON LNES detailed information of the lines of jurisdiction that separate the nland and nternational Rules, as indicated on National Ocean Service navigation charts lternative Compliance Waters upon which nland Rules apply essel Bridge to Bridge Radiotelephone Regulations essel Traffic Services (TS) Call Signs, esignated Frequencies, and Monitoring reas Penalty Provisions Bonus Content from "Safe Skipper" Safety float Tips & dvice on Emergency Procedures for all Sailors and Leisure Boaters. Safety information & practical tips Specially created custom graphics illustrations, photos & diagrams dvice on emergency procedures Stay safe and prevent accidents happening Written & illustrated by a qualified & experienced yachtsman ncludes information on bandoning ship ismasting istress signals Engine failure Fire fighting Getting a tow Helicopter rescue Holed hull MYY procedures Medical emergency SR signals Customer feedback for Safe Skipper "Highly recommend this pp, get it on your iPhone or iPad today" "This app is full of really useful info for anyone going to sea (or inland waterways...). t's presented really well, and has some good graphics. Can't believe just how much they've packed in. Recommended." " well written and detailed app for yachts & inland craft also quite useful for ocean going vessels well done." Special thanks to Captain Richard Rodriguez, Coast Guard licensed Master and irector of Operations at Zenith Maritime for his helpful advice and recommendations.



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