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Nano Rally is a fun and addictive top down driving game, where players drive miniaturized cars around various tracks, all based on different household environments. LEVELS Play in "Championship" mode. t the end of each environment (4 races), if you are in the top 10 overall the next environment will be unlocked. s with any rally, races are time trials, with points allotted for the top times. Make your way through the different rallies/environments and stages. One minute you could find yourself powersliding around the end of a spring onion, then falling off a precariously balanced ruler the next. If you get enough points you will end victorious. Featuring Exclusive to iPad Beautiful, prerendered design. 6 Environments Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Garden, Garage and 25 different stages/tracks, each with their own difficulties. 100+ different obstacles, including everything from iPhones to candy bars to fish ponds. Customisable car setup, such as acceleration and handling, to suit the track. Control by touch or by tilt uto gas option Racing lines, to make navigation easier. Mulitple Camera modes Rotate, Fixed Center, Pan Hard, Medium and Easy settings. I cars on track. Landscape and Portrait mode. Saved best time for each track. Online high scores for each stage, and overall best time. Rendered using OpenGL for superfast play. Single race or championship mode. Resume game option. iPod music remains playing HELP Unlocking more levels The game begins with only the Kitchen Rally unlocked. To unlock more, play in if you are in the top 10 at the end of the Kitchen Rally you will unlock the Bedroom Rally. top ten after the Bedroom Rally unlocks the Office Rally. nd so on. Controls For more responsive controls, raise the handling in the car setup. Select "prefs" on the main menu, to edit things such as difficulty. WEBSITE For screenshots and track previews visit the site VIDEO http// REVIEWS "Nano Rally is a great little game. If you're looking for a pintsized racer... look no further." "Nano Rally Is One wesome Looking Game... a steal." "If you're looking for fun microcar game, you should look no further than Nano Rally" "Nano Rally is a sweet game with excellent artwork" US



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