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Special Offer Last 10 days of Ramadan 40% off myQuran was featured in the News regarding how Muslims are adopting the latest technology by using their favorite app to enhance their slamic knowledge. iTunes Customer Reviews “Very comprehensive app, covering everything from the translation to study plans on how to memorize. Definitely the best Quran app ’ve bought.” tried several Quran applications but myQuran for iPad and iPhone is in my view undoubtedly the best have seen so far. am fully satisfied and would highly recommend this application to everyone who wants to have a Quran application.” “This is hands down the best Quran app available Others are quite a bit behind” “The best quranic app ever, have never seen this kind of extreme detail at the same time is very easy to use, keep up the good work.” “Alhamdulillah, the latest update is awesome!!! Best Quran app out!” " love the pronunciation tool and it has helped me so much with recitation and memorization. The tafseer application is amazing in terms of onthego referral or an indepth study of the Quran. The Root words feature has also been great in helping me understand the arabic more.... find myself recognizing the words and getting the general gist of an ayat! find this extraordinary as have never been able to do this before... love the fact that so much info and knowledge is literally at my fingertips..." Are you a beginner or an advanced student of the Quran who could benefit from a Quran Study ‘Super Tool’? myQuran is a unique and powerful application that enables us to study the Quran at many levels. myQuran makes learning, reading, understanding, memorizing and sharing Quran knowledge like never possible before. Listen to a beautiful recitation and follow it with an English translation, memorize the Quran, study a comprehensive Tafseer (extensive commentary) and also read and understand the related root words. Key capabilities of the app include Quranic Roots Review and analyze the root words for the Ayats (verses) in the Quran and review a detailed explanation. This gives a student an excellent insight into understanding of the ayat. Quran roots information provided by Quran Recitation Listen to the beautiful recitation of popular Qari’s (recitors) and practice your own recitation. n version 2.0 we included the recitations of Mishaary Rashed Alafasy Abu Bakr Ash Shatry Husary Ghamadi Hudhaify Muhammad Jibril brahim AlAkhdar Ajamy Translations Follow a translation by Sahih nternational, Yusuf Ali or Mawdudi Custom Memorization Plan Create full customizable memorization plan that works for you. You can select ayats to memorize and select the number times you would like to play back as an aid to your memorization. Vocabulary List Learn new arabic words as you read or listen to the Quran and add them to your list; an excellent way to develop a better understanding of the Quranic language. Quran Tafsir (commentary) Understand the period of revelation, theme, subject matter and background of the surahs of the Quran. Read a detailed tafsir of each ayat. Tajweed Pronounciation Along with audio, graphic images illustrated how each letter should be articulated. This will help you in perfecting how to correctly pronounce the arabic letters. Record your own pronunciation, playback and compare to monitor your progress. Custom Ayat Folders Select ayat’s while reading or listening and add them to your custom folder. For example, you can add all the ayat’s you come across regarding mercy to your ‘mercy’ folder. Custom Study Plan Set daily goals and monitor your progress.



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