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Constantly on the Top 10 in the Finance section, the most appreciated by the professionals and individuals. Wouldn't you know why? Our feedback speaks for itself! My Own Loan is a quick calculator to estimate the installments of a mortgage or loan, and understand how them vary with time. From now on you will know 1. How many payments you've already paid and how many remain 2. How to lower the installments with a prepayment 3. How each installment varies with the variation of interest rate, month after month 4. You can finally find out what financing is for you! And it will all be really easy and fun! My Own Loan is a simple but powerful application to calculate the ideal mortgage for your new home, or the funding base for your next gift (a car, a nextgeneration a tablet etc.). Plans My Own Loan calculated, in fact, apply for loans both for simple loans myMutuo and 'very flexible in this! And if you already have a mortgage on, simply set the start date of funding and lack of knowing in advance what rate to pay! The possibility of performing calculations for both fixed (fixed rate + spread, or and for floating interest rates rate / Euribor + spread) is used to analyze each case study. Euribor rates, and the can be updated online (when the application starts or by hand) to be always aligned with the current rates, or they can be customized by hand. Once you save a sample calculation for a mortgage will be easy to follow the variations of the rate at varying rates, day after day one click! To better understand how your mortgage can vary for each installment, set for manual changes. Enter a partial prepayment, or a change in the rate of interest, and look as does the total cost of your mortgage, and the amount of your installments. What are you looking for more from this type of app? Let us know, and be heard.



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