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Keeping a traditional, private diary is different from blogging on the web,It's about finding your innermost feelings instead of sharing stories with your friends. Writing down your true feelings and reviewing them later will allow you to get to know yourself more and act as a memory of your experiences to look back on in the future. My Diary is a great tool for keeping your diary private, anytime, anywhere. Whenever you get an idea or feeling, just tab on My Diary and write it down, and you will find keeping a diary has never been this easy. Most successful people keep a private diary to improve themselves. Want to know more about yourself and make yourself better?Get started now with My Diary! features 1.password protection 2.paging by months 3.mail out 4.landscape mode editing 5.change font size by pinching 6.delete by wiping on list 7.backup and restore 8.tagging by color



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