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Stream music from your Mac or Network Drive and access every album in your collection, creating playlists of your favourite music for instant playback. We were very dissatisfied with the other apps available for playing music because none of them did what we wanted. We wanted an app that Reliably streams music directly from a Mac, Time Capsule, or Network Drive. Effortlessly supports tens of thousands of tracks. Supports lossless and files as well as the usual mp3, m4a, aac, aif, wav. Supports gapless playback. Is easy to set up and has an intuitive, and powerful user interface. Provides excellent playlist management. Can AirPlay audio to AppleTV or AirPort Express or a compatible device. Groups music based on your existing folder arrangement. Extracts tags and album art embedded in audio files but also uses album art from files in your music folders. We’ve worked hard to provide all of these in MusicStreamer! If you like to listen to an entire album, simply tap play on it and that’s it. If you like to browse your music collection and queue up tracks as you go, this is really easy and doesn’t require you to make a playlist first. The Now Playing queue puts you in control and you can queue multiple tracks, albums, or playlists. Change your mind and reorder while playback is in progress or tap shuffle to mix it up. We would love to hear your feedback on and this will drive new features in future updates.



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