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Featured by Apple in "Best New Apps" 1 Paid Music App in 5 countries "This is incredibly useful, it teaches you how to play in all the different keys and scales... Super duper idea, fabulous for jamming and great for learning as well.. brilliant" thesoundtestroom "If you want to teach improvisation to students of any age, this is a wonderful app" "Slice of genius Musiclock nails making music theory and scales far more approachable, providing a helping first step for total beginners, and a useful resource tool for musicians to dip into" TapSmart "The key to making music that sounds good () is rooted in first finding (and playing) all those correct notes. MusiClock can definitely help in this regard" iPhoneLife "As a rock and blues guitar player whose idea of relaxation is just having a good noodle, Musiclock is a pleasure to use. It can give your practice sessions a little bit of structure but without it feeling like a classroom music theory session" 2013 The ultimate scale tool & jam buddy for guitar and piano players MusiClock is an easytouse improvisation tool that makes it dead easy to practice scales, jamming and soloing with a guitar or piano. Our awardwinning approach helps you to hit all the right notes so that you can get jamming within seconds without any prior music theory training. MusiClock transforms the complexity of different notes, scales and keys into a simple and powerful jam tool.The beautifully simple MusiClock enables you to jam with piano or guitar right away without prior knowledge of music theory. With the help of the revolutionary design, you can master all the scales you need for jamming in no time. Practice and expand your playing skills easily to more challenging keys just rotate the wheel and you can transpose your jam instantly to any key. Practice and play along with professional backing tracks. MusiClock features multiple tunes from various genres. Choose your favorite from pop, rock, heavy metal and more. Start playing leads with your favorite musical style in seconds. Create new melodies by mixing different scales and backing tracks together. How would those delicious blues licks merge with heavy metal? What about mashing up bepop melodies with pop? However you choose to explore your creativity, MusiClock takes your jamming to the next level. Over 1000 easytoread guitar charts (require iOS 8 or higher!) Interactive piano 8 scales Major, Natural Minor, Major Pentatonic, Minor, Pentatonic, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Blues, Dominant Bepop 12 different keys for every scale and backing track Professional backing tracks (pop, rock, blues, metal, jazz, dance, classical) Staff showing notes and scales Intuitive & beautifully simple design Follow us on Facebook Twitter https// Instagram https// Website What was your jamming experience like? Let us know! Feel free to send us any questions/feedback at


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