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Muay Timer is a sparring countdown timer made exclusively for Muay Thai practitioners. Official Timer for Muay Thai Solidarity Challenge Malaysia vs Indonesia on December 15 2012 in Penang by Boxxtomoi. This app allows you to spar with Muay Thai music playing in the background. The huge digital number is displayed clearly so that you can focus more on your sparring training. This is the best app for you to use to practice Wai Kru. You can also select your own music from your personal music library for each sparring rounds. Instead of performing Wai Kru, you can use the session to perform warm ups, stretching and shadow boxing. You can also turn off the Wai Kru session and immediately start sparring. You can turn off the music option if you wish to spar without music playing in the background. Save your settings as presets. If you don't have a sparring partner, you can use this app to shadow box or work with the bags. Airplayenabled for you to mirror display on your large screen You can also mirror display this app on your with Apple 30pin Digital Adapter and Apple to Cable. Up to 10 minutes x 10 rounds, plus, up to 24 minutes Wai Kru session provided in this full version. More great features coming soon in the next updates, to help you train Muay Thai.



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