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Movie player which can play /QuickTime format . [Details of a function] ■ The file format which can be played (.mp4) QuickTime (.mov) ■ Play functions Pause/Step/Slow/Reverse/Speed change/Repeat ■ Time Skip ■ Volume control ■ Zoom function ■ import/delete ■ Screen capture [Usage] ■ The addition of a movie file Connect with and start iTunes. Select device app Player 6. Drag and drop files. ■ Operation by gesture touch by one finger play / stop / reverse play / change speed. touch by two fingers screen capture. swipe up display menu controller. swipe down undisplay menu controller. swipe left play a next file. swipe right play a pre file. long press right side of a screen fast forward long press left side of a screen rewind Pinch in, pinch out scaling [Setting] ■ Autorotation on/off ■ Information View on/off ■ Play All Files on/off ■ closed caption on/off


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