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Morphi Edu is the full version of the original Morphi app for use by schools, libraries, businesses and others participating in Apple's Volume Purchasing Program for 20+ purchases. Discount is available per Apple's rules. Morphi is a new modeling + printing app for all where anyone can create models files) on the go using touch, without wifi or a mouse. The app can be used with or without a printer. Morphi has many uses including creating models, inventions and prototypes, making products, as a teaching tool for Maker education (MakerEd) and subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Math) and more. Below is a list of key features. + Files , png, jpeg) can be downloaded from Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator et al) and used to create objects in Morphi using the Photo Album. Models made in Morphi s) can be uploaded to Adobe Creative Cloud and edited in Photoshop and other programs. For pngs and jpgs, we recommend flat, high contrast images for best results. Draw objects freehand and edit them with the shapes + text libraries. Take flat, high contrast images from the Photo Album or Camera (experimental features) and create editable designs. Images can be also downloaded from Adobe Creative Cloud or other sources. Adjust line thickness with the Line Adjuster. Erase individual lines with the Eraser or erase the entire screen with Clear All. Experiment with the and Mirroring Tools. Revolve lines 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees to create incredible objects. Create models using our libraries of shapes, text and colors. Some shapes contain hidden features, like the ability to add extra sides to certain shapes or bend shapes at different angles. Experiment with them all. Morphi simplifies many standard modeling features, such as rotate, scale, merge, subtract, group/ungroup and other functions, to make it easier and more enjoyable to create in . s). Export files in the Gallery by email or by uploading to Adobe Creative Cloud or Thingiverse. Wifi required. Prepare your files s) for printing following printer/printing service guidelines. printers vary, but generally you may need to upload the file to slicing software for printing. ou can also upload to Adobe Creative Cloud for slicing and printing using Photoshop. In Settings, you can customize the Grid size to your printer build volume. + models are saved by pressing the Gallery Button and can be edited at any time. When 2 or more objects are selected, alignment tools popup for aligning objects left, right or center on the , and axes. Cut and paste objects from one scene to another using the Clipboard button. Measure objects in millimeters or inches using the Ruler. There are 2 scaling tools on the bottom toolbar scaling sliders for quick resizing and precision scaling tools for more precise object resizing. Morphi features a fully movable Grid. To build a model, you'll need to constantly move the Grid and the objects. In Morphi, you can control the Grid with your fingers or use Grid Controllers for more controlled movement. ou can also lock the Grid. Shadows are important tools that tell you where an object is on the Grid. By following shadows of objects in Morphi, you can more precisely move objects and build models. Check out premade models in the Gallery under Ideas. Morphi's toolbars can be hidden/unhidden at any time to maximize space. OUR Using the Settings, change the Background or Grid at any time to suit your mood or inspire. Press the Guide button and watch video tutorials on ouTube. + For all your mistakes. Button. Take photos of models for saving/sharing.



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