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DCOVER DDION With this app, children can discover addition and subtraction by playing with beads. Three levels of difficulty are offered (chick, hen and rooster) to allow children to discover these operations autonomously and gradually. This app is designed for children from 6 to 8 years old. This app was developed with the assistance of schoolteachers and inspired by the Montessori method. Settings are available in the app to adapt to the child’s level. The app is already available in 11 languages! Children can understand the operations by working on different goals adding or subtracting quantities playing with quantities working with complements (e.g. 3+710) do missing number operations This app has no advertising. Useful information can be found in a Parents’ Corner. More or Less is a Marbotic app, a publisher that designs and creates innovative educational solutions blending sensory material and digital interfaces. wooden number toy that interacts with tablets can be used to play with the app and stimulate the child’s senses even further! Find our toy connected on our website



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