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“Money Manager” is an optimized application for personal account management. Household account management is complicated. But we make it simple by simplifying the things that are complex. The default settings will get you started, and once you get used to it, you can alter the settings according to your needs with the highly flexible and customizable functions available. Super easy and simple to enter data anytime, anywhere. View your spending tendencies graphically. View statistics by simply entering the data. Search and calculator functions. Set up subcategories and main categories as necessary. Manage all your accounts at once. Use multiple currencies. Check weekly, monthly, and annual statistics. Use calendar view. Use budget planning features to plan weekly, monthly, and annual budgets. Change the start date of the month. ※ Applying double entry bookkeeping It facilitates efficient account management. Automally double entry bookkeeping. ※ manager function You can view ‘“The New Money Manager” application using WiFi or You can edit and sort the data by date, category or account group on the screen of your . In addition, you can see fluctuations of your accounts indicated on graphs on your . ※ Budget management function You can manage your budget. It shows your budget and expenditures on a graph so you can compare the amount of your expenditures against your budget quickly. ※ Credit Card / Debit Card management function When entering a future payment date, you can see the payment amount and outstanding balance on the accounts page. You can connect your debit card to your accounts so that expenses are automatically recorded under a specific account. ※ Passcode You can speficy a desired time lapse before the app requests a passcode. ※ Automatic money transfer and frequency functions You can set up automatic money transfers between your accounts and configure the frequency of those transfers. ※ Sort expenses by recipient You can sort your expenses by recipient and view this information graphically. ※ Payment Profiles You can easily enter frequent expenditures by creating payment profiles. ※ Backup / Restore You can backup and restore your data via email, iTunes and iCloud. ※ Multiple currency support you can have individual entries in multiple currencies, and configure each account to calculate the total balance in your desired currency. Appointed as Econovation Architect 2nd Fair Member


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