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In 2016, the world of emojis will change forever. Experience the power of AutoEmoji™ using iMessage, Twitter, Slack or just about anywhere else you chat and share. Have fun!!! Over 5,000 original emojis are breaking free, in two sizes. Keyboard emojis, and stickers including hundreds of animations. Featuring Stunning New Emojis in ultracrisp retina highdefinition (nice) Super optimized for iMessage and Twitter AutoEmoji™ for Sentence Making with words emojis Emoji Search saves you time and gives you the power of choice 30 Sticker Categories, including Weather, Mascots, Characters, Families and Texts 16 Keyboard Categories, including Smileys & People, Fashion, Objects, and Symbols One price gets you everything. If you are a thought leader in your circle, the one who is first to the best, then Mojemo is for you. Introducing a powerful emoji platform that AutoEmoji’s your sentences to swap your with new original emojis. Sentencemaking and playing with emojis will never be the same. Powerful emoji search let’s you enter any emoword, emotion, place or object and instantly see and send emojis to your friends they don’t even have to have the application installed. You’ve got Heart. 128 Hearts & Love Emojis in keyboard alone. The emojimaking team includes incredible artists from around the world, including the creator of the original Twitter bird and Octocat. Got Vampire? Fall in love with Daphne the Help Desk Girl and County the Vampire (we did). Got Be the first of your friends to use Mojemo to raise your emoji game, in texts, chat and Twitter. Mojemo is compatible with the iPhone 5 and above, iPads and iPod Touch. Sync your profile and Favorites with Facebook, and reserve your Mojemo username with your Twitter account. Includes Unicode 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 emojis you get Burrito, Taco, Avocado, Chop Sticks, Fortune Cookie, Takeout Box, Man in Tuxedo, Scooter, Call Me Hand, (and eggs), Selfie, Prince (many), Clinking Glasses, Prayer Beads, Robot Face, Unicorn Face, Turkey, Crab, Cheese Wedge, Cricket Bat and Ball, Rainbows and Volleyball. You can even search using unicode. The first branded app to completely blow through current standards with several thousand additional emojis from around the world, including the Eiffel Tower, new electric cars, hyperdrive, 52sided dice, gigantic tablets, Pizza, Indian and Mexican restaurants, crazy families, and over 600 symbols for Emoji Sentence Making. Please contact if you have any questions, or you experience any issues. Daphne would be delighted to help you. This is only the start of the platform, jump on now and get all of the fantastic updates coming in 2016 and beyond. Legal mumbo jumbo Mojemo and all of the emoji, artworks, animations and other assets are the sole property of Earthena, Inc. All work is copyrighted or it falls under the Fair Use Act. While we think most of our emojis are really funny, they don’t necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and aspirations of Earthena, Inc. Word. You can forward this link to your friends to get them to raise their emoji game. http// Twitter @emotion Use the hashtag Mojemo Make great original tweets Instagram @Mojemos Haikus and inspiring emoji combos Like Mojemo https// Get experimental new emojis Pinterest https// http// Get newsletter to get friendly be in the know



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