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MiSpeed is a precise, fast, simple, and powerful speed tracking app, unlike any other. The fastest speed tracking app was made with the intention to be both very simple, but also very powerful. The setting menu has every feature the app contains, set out very simply so every aspect of MiSpeed is at the user's disposal. MiSpeed's speed tracking function uses no mobile data, and therefore can be used in Aeroplane mode. Some of the limitless application of MiSpeed include In the car On a boat In a plane On a zipline MiSpeed is the first speed tracking app for the Apple Watch. View your speed at a glance, or for easytocheck speeds while driving, or otherwise occupied, without distracting you from your task. MiSpeed also offers MiHUD, the easy to setup, or take down Heads Up Display. Place your phone behind the steering wheel and easily view your speed while driving, through your windscreen. Speed limits on every road around the world is available with MiSpeed! Displayed in the corner of your display, you can choose for a small, medium, or large speed limit sign. Speed alerts makes your speed flash or turn red, that you can set to alert you f your speed over the limit. Continued use of running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. In extreme daylight disable MiHUD and place your iPhone on the dash facing you. iPad's with no won't work with MiSpeed. (Wifionly iPads don't work) Units of speed offered by MiSpeed include km/h mph Knots m/s Watch your speed, with MiSpeed!

Website: https://www.warsentech.com/


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