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Type faster, see more screen, and take control of autocorrect with Minuum. Minuum is a smart keyboard that learns more with every word you write. You can rely on our powerful autocorrect, choose from multiple word predictions, or turn autocorrect off completely. Minuum is the best keyboard for typing comfortably on big phones. Onehanded mode is always a tap away, and Minuum in landscape mode lets you see your whole screen. With dozens of beautiful themes, Minuum is the most customizable smart keyboard on the app store. Want even more control? Quickly swipe left to delete entire words, or swipe right to space. Swiping up and down takes you between a full size keyboard and our ultracompact mini keyboard. Minuum gives you full control over your privacy settings. You choose whether you want to share data with us, with more control than just Apple’s “Full Access” setting. Please note We do collect data about what you type. We take your privacy very seriously, so if you’re curious about Apple's "Full Access" requirements, please visit www.minuum.com/fullaccess Minuum now predicts which emoji to all your messages, you'll never wonder which emoticon to use again! Type using our magical autocorrect in 13 languages English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese Portuguese Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Czech Recover your lost touchscreen space by swiping down into mini mode, to see more of the apps you ove. Type fast without worrying about being precise, thanks to ridiculously smart autocorrection that learns as you type. Speed up your typing via suggestions from a predictive engine that learns from your word list, word combinations, and language use patterns. Minuum is the bestlooking keyboard, with dozens of themes, including colors, flags, and more! Type with one hand on your big phone, a musthave feature for your iPhone 6+ Our autocorrect will figure out that you missed the space bar and are trying to say two words instead of one. Make use of all your existing keyboard shortcuts for expanding text like “omw” into “On my way!” Quick access to emoji, with a bigger, better emoji interface for finding that perfect emoji faster Minuum learns your typing style constantly as you type, and lets you delete words from your dictionary by pressing and holding on word suggestions. Swipe up and down to switch between full and mini mode Swipe left to delete a full word Swipe right to add a space Swipe right twice to add a punctuation mark (,.!?/;@) Control your autocorrect, keyboard sounds, autocapitalization, punctuation shortcuts, lowercase keys, and more! Be prepared for a typing revolution. At Minuum, we’re making input frictionless on all things smart and wearable. Minuum for iPhone is the first step toward a "type anywhere" future. Soon, Minuum will let you type in ways you never imagined. To discover how, visit http//www.minuum.com Visit http//minuum.com/support to Share ideas with the Minuum community Give product feedback Get help Our keyboard does not collect data about what you type. It stores typing data on your device only, and this data will never be shared without your explicit permission. Please take a look at our privacy policy to understand how we handle your data www.minuum.com/dataios Mini mode uses Minuum’s original gamechanging concept for the future of typing. This is where the name comes from “Minuum” is a continuum of letters, minimized to the bottom of your screen. Mailing List http//tinyurl.com/l6t3cf4 Twitter https//www.facebook.com/minuum Facebook https//twitter.com/minuum Google+ https//plus.google.com/+Minuum

Website: http://minuum.com


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