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You now get to enjoy the prologue and first chapter of each character's route for free! This is a "Romance App Drama" that is part thrilling, part heartrending, and part sweet! You are the heroine! You take on the role of the heroine and experience a romantic drama with the gods from Norse Mythology! ■■Plot■■ "Time requires the sun and the moon and is bound under the name of the Uyld" You spent unchanging days together with your older brother, Kamui. Until one day your brother disappeared. On that same day, a strange man showed up at the history museum you work at. The strange man told you his name is Hodur, and claims he will take you to Kamui. Three gods appeared the moment you reach out to take Hodur's hand. The gods are Odin, Od, and Loki. Why did they appear before you? The secret surrounding the heroine's birth will slowly be revealed. Now begins a romantic tale that spans a world of Norse Mythology! ■■Characters■■ 【Egotistical Primal God】 Odin Height 188cm Age(?) 30 "There's no woman who wouldn't be overjoyed to be kissed by me!" Odin is the Primal God who rules over Asgard. He calls you his honey and always tries to touch you, but he is actually a serious and proud man. Hodur used to be his son in their previous life, but there is a great deal of disagreement in their past. 【Cool Guardian Knight】 Od Height 185cm Age(?) 25 won't let go of you anymore." Od is a Vanaheim guardian knight charged with protecting Frey and Freya. He was your betrothed in a previous life, but... 【Gentle Giant】 Loki Height 195cm Age(?) 22 keep my promises; especially my promises with you." Loki is a warrior giant who lives in Jotunheim. He is a very powerful and skilled warrior, but not extremely powerful because of his gentle personality. He used to take care of Hodur in the past, but now... 【God of Misfortune Carrying Darkness Within Him】Hodur Height 187cm Age(?) 35 "There is nothing for me to tell you about myself." He used to be the son of Odin in their past life, but died at the hand of one of his men. He believes he was betrayed, but the truth is You can pick various characters based on your preferences! ...Who will you fall in love with? ■■ Recommended if you… ■■ “Midgard Love” is recommended for you if… You like movies, dramas, manga, anime, or novels that are about romance You're interested in romance games but dislike how nerdcentric they can be... You like romance games, love games, girl games, or romance/drama apps. You like entertainment and fiction based on Norse Mythology. You like Japanese content Aside from what's on this list, there is a lot of content for all women to enjoy!! ■■ About developers of this app ■■ is a company that designs, develops, and sells "App Dramas", storybased content that can be casually enjoyed on smartphones. Their mission is to produce App Dramas in various different genres and turn this new form of entertainment into another form of art in line with manga and anime. We will continue to distribute high quality content in English, and hope that you'll look forward to it.


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