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Mic Room is an extremely powerful and easytouse microphone modeling app for your iPhone or iPad. It gives you an expandable virtual collection of some of the most iconic microphone models of all time. Now you can have a diverse and versatile range of mic sounds that you can bring with you for use anytime and anywhere. Using Mic Room couldn't be easier. It works seamlessly with your favorite highquality hardware microphones (like 's new iRig Mic Studio or iRig Mic or the builtin mic on your iPhone or iPad. Just plug in, open the app, select which model you want your mic to sound like and there you have it you're ready to go. The microphones on offer cover the entire spectrum of sounds from classic to contemporary There’s a full spread of dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones that have all been modeled on the essential tools used by list production studios everyday. nd, to make sure you always get the best sound possible, each virtual microphone includes an input gain knob and an easytoread circular level meter. Just touch and drag until you get the sound you want. You'll be amazed by the sound quality of these microphones. It's just like having the real thing in front of you. This should come as no surprise as each has been crafted by the same team of engineers behind 's acclaimed mpliTube and VocaLive families of apps and software. The version of Mic Room comes with 1 microphone to get you started. You can expand your collection by upgrading to the full version or by selecting individual models alacarte. Mic Room is udiobus and Interpp udio compatible, so it can be effortlessly used with other hosts and applications for many creative possibilities. full version is also available that comes with 8 mic models. Features Powerful yet easy to use microphone modeling app Comes with 1 mic model Expandable with more mic models via inapp purchase Companion app for iRig Mic Studio, iRig Mic iRig Mic Field, iRig Mic, iRig Mic Cast and other quality Multimedia microphones lso works with your iPhone or iPad's builtin mic djustable input level Level meter Master bypass switch Interpp udio and udiobus compatibility version also available For more information www.ikmultimedia.com/microom ccessories information www.irigmicstudio.com www.irigmichd.com www.irigmicfield.com www.irigmicpre.com

Website: http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/microomios


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