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Your personal meds at a glance. Be reminded to take your medicine at the right time. Do not skip a pill any more. Improve your medicine intake. Designed by a pharmacyst. No internet connection needed. The Med Reminder is the free version of the Med Reminder Pro. The Med Reminder is the perfect application if you have one daily medicine to take. If you take several meds (daily, weekly, monthly), test the Med Reminder before you buy the Med Reminder Pro. The Med Reminder Pro offers a notice after each intake ( for blood analysis results,..)Email yourself your history file to get intakes and (e.g.) blood analysis results in one table; understand the impact of your med on your body. Test the Med Reminder and buy the Med Reminder Pro. The Med Reminder 1) You take one daily med (15 times per day)? The Med Reminder (free version) is your app. Contraceptive pill, blood pressure pill, homeopathy… Your med changed? Delete it and enter the new one. 2)Easy to use and perfectly designed for younger and elder patients. 3)n application you can trust. 4) Reminds you to take the med with or without the meal. 5) Late intake is shown. 6) Your meds at a glance. Gives a clear view over your med by showing your pills, to take today, as in a pill box (morning, noon, evening and bedtime). 7) Switch off/on the alarms of a med with one touch. 8) Change the file of your med at any time. It is simple. 9) Print and send your "Med List" or your History. 10) Enter informations concerning your med, side effects or blood test values. These informations will be saved and can be consulted easily at any time. 11) The History shows you when you really took your pill and daily notes are saved. Research in the History can be done by date or by med name. 12) flexible application. More information you enter in the database (dosage, interactions, side effects, molecule name…) more useful it gets. 13) link to our Twitter page will give you helpful information about the app (frequently asked questions, hints, upgrades…) The Med Reminder exists in 3 languages english, german (Medi Wecker), french (Rappel médicament). vibration in your pocket and if chosen, a sound alarm remember you to take your drug. Micro dosed contraceptive pills, for instance, have absolutely to be taken at the same time to be sure to be protected. The med reminder in your pocket will help you not to forget to take it. Three easy steps , that will take more or less 30 seconds, are necessary to enter your med to the application. First step type the name of your med with the dosage (ex. Paracetamol 500 mg or insulin 20 Second step precise if you take the drug with or without the meal. Third step with a time wheel you enter quickly when to take it (e.g. 8 am and 12 pm). Done. Your med is changed. Delete it and enter the new one. The med reminder contains a history function. ll your intakes of your past and present intakes are registered in a list. The names of the meds you took are categorized in an alphabetical order. This allows you, for instance, to know if and when you took the Paracetamol in the past. But the research can also be done in a time list. This allows you to know what med you took a certain day at a precise time. The history can show you all the meds you took in the past years. The med reminder will make the intakes of your drug easier, more precise and safer. The med reminder will avoid skipping pills, taking them too late, too early or taking a double dose by mistake. The history function gives you the possibility to search in the past.



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