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your algebra problems stepbystep with MathPapa! MathPapa can solve your equations (and show the work!) and help you when you're stuck on your math homework. Solves linear equations and quadratic equations. Solves linear and quadratic inequalities. Graphs equations. Factors quadratic expressions. Order of operations stepbystep. Evaluates expressions. Solves systems of two equations. MathPapa's goal is to help you learn algebra stepbystep. Get free help on your algebra problems with the MathPapa Algebra Calculator! Just type your problem into the text box. For example, enter 3x+517 into the text box to get a stepbystep explanation of how to solve 3x+517. Here are some symbols that the calculator understands + (Addition) (Subtraction) (Multiplication) / (Division) ^ (Exponent "raised to the power") (Square Root) x (Absolute Value of x)



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