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Let your kid be a smart Cookie. Far far away, three monsters, Dino, Fish and Giro, live in a sweet space of cookies. They love them, but can’t reach them from their planets. So they need help from your kids smart little explorers to bring them a countless amount of cookies. But there is a catch! The monsters are picky and don’t eat every cookie. Let your kid find the matching ones to fill up the monsters’ empty bellies... and then decorate their planets with dozens of fantastic items! sweet space is almost infinite! More and more cookies appear in increasingly difficult constellations. Some are well hidden amongst others and a few are even trapped into the laser cages. But your kid has a handful of hilarious little monsters for special assignments. pinkyfinger, a rotatingbuzzsaw and a cookiemuncher are all there to give your kid a helping hand. Make sure they don’t wait too long for your kid! Mathie a logical, path drawing app for younger kids (36) ∙ complies with Common Core Standards in mathematics ∙ is based on interactive dot cookie activities ∙ develops essential early learning skills such as number recognition, shape identification, comparing numbers, dot counting in a set, tracing, matching and puzzle solving ∙ increases children’s self confidence by boosting their creativity and out of the box thinking ∙ stimulates the growth of logical thinking and fine motor skills ∙ makes kids’ perception and precision better Features of the game ∙ carefully crafted artwork and animations, various amusing characters ∙ 18 main chapters set up in 90 mini levels full of engaging interactive mathematical puzzles which are graded from easier to harder tasks ∙ sounds and music composition particularly designed for kids ∙ colorful path depicting all onscreen actions ∙ visual and audio feedback leading children to victory ∙ clear instructions in a form of visual tutorials



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