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This is a great map editor app. It helps you edit your own map in any way you want. You can add not only markers, but also pictures to the map you are editing. It provides many drawing tools for annotation purpose, including free form drawing, line, rectangle, circle, ellipse, etc. You can draw them in different color, line width, transparency. The app supports both solid mode and dash mode. What makes this app unique is it supports picture drawing. You can draw photos from your Photo Album in the map you are editing. The photos can be drawn anywhere you want, in any size you like. The app supports multiple map display modes including standard, satellite and hybrid. It supports both Locate Me and address searching for you to easily find the location. After you have finished your map, with one button click, the app will send it to your friends through email, or save it to your Photo Album. You can also just keep it within the app and modify it any time in the future. You might be wondering why you need a map editor. Well, there are many cases that a personal map would help a lot even just for our daily life. For instance, when you are preparing a big eat out at a big park. It is hard to explain where is exact location and which parking lot to use. With this map editor, you can just create your own party map, so everybody would know where to go. If you are a baseball coach, you can add the picture of your players to the field, it would be much easier for players to understand their position and what they are supposed to do. If your yard needs to be repaired, you can just create a yard map to tell the workers where to work on. Afanche Technologies provides customized mobile app development service. Please contact us if you are interested in having your own apps for your business. Our website is Our email is



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