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The Study Series was written with the goal to help the Bible student grasp the overall theme, outline, characters and teachings of God's Word. The is a perfect tool for any Christian wanting to grow in their knowledge and ultimately their relationship with God! The pp will feature the following elements (1) Daily Reading Schedule including a tracking system to monitor your progress (2) Brief and Easy to Understand Commentary of the User’s Reading every day the reader will gain important insights into their reading. Many people reading the Bible seem to get discouraged and bogged down in difficult passages. is designed to help you through those passages and to improve your grasp to a complete understanding of God’s Word! (3) Background Information of Each Bible Book the section is new to Manna and gives the reader additional material on the background of each book (4) Maps and Charts about 100 maps and charts to aid in your understanding (5) Test your Knowledge over 40 different exams to see how well you remembered your reading assignment. The pp will give you feedback to the number of questions you answered correctly and will also give you the correct answer so that you can learn better. (6) Original Illustrations close to 100 new original illustrations to help the reader visualize all the different stories they encountered in their reading (7) Your own Personal Journal to jot down your insights, favorite scriptures and prayer concerns. (8) dditional Important Topical Studies is dedicated to expand the User’s daily time with God by providing new releases of topical studies. These studies include “Manna for the New Christian”, “Manna for Parents”, “Manna for Kids”, “Manna for Couples”, “Manna for the Skeptic” and many more. These new 30day studies will be added to the main menu with every update! is a collection of twelve 30day study books. Our goal is to bring understanding and inspiration from a regular reading of God’s Word. Each book can be downloaded individually or as a whole collection (at a 50% discount). The additional “topic studies” are also designed to be a 30day study.



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