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Lybrate has revolutionized the way people in India take care of their health. We have more than 80,000 doctors registered with us from all over the country to help you lead a healthy and happy life. Be it about managing diabetes of your parents living in a different city, or finding solutions to various pediatric problems of your kids, or dealing with your own stress, or any lifestyle or infectious disease, now you have a doctor for everything just a tap away. Chat with top doctors of India, find valuable health tips from them, get opinions from multiple trusted doctors, reach out to the top doctors from different cities, and find and book appointments with the best doctors in your own city. Features \ Find Doctors Find and book appointments with doctors in Delhi Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and other major cities of India. \ sk Health Questions sk your healthrelated questions anonymously in an open forum or privately to the trusted doctor of your choice. \ Get Multiple Opinions Post your healthrelated questions in an open forum and get many trusted doctors from the concerned specialty answer those. \ Virtual Consultation Discuss your health issues privately with the doctor of your choice. You can also add your doctor here and do routine stuff like showing medical reports, asking for diet plans, and other consultation right from the cozy comfort of your home. You can pay from here and get the right consultation whenever you need it. \ Daily Health Tips Get precious health tips and suggestions on a wide range of health issues from trusted doctors. \ Know bout Trends Learn about the prevalent diseases and endemics in your area and the world over and ways of avoiding those from doctors. \ Personalized Plans from Doctors Get diseasespecific healing tips from your doctor to heal better at home. feature extremely useful for pregnant women, people undergone some kind of surgery, physiotherapy patients, and the likes in which every day care is critical. \ Manage Medical Records You don’t need to manage those messy paper records anymore. Click a photo and upload your documents on the cloud to access those anytime anywhere. \ Connect with Doctors Connect with top doctors from all over India on various issues. Learn about diseases and conditions, and ask your healthrelated queries. \ Do this all for DOWNLOD PP TODY Lybrate is also available on the web https// We’d love to hear from you. Questions, comments or ideas on how to improve the app? Drop us a line at or @Lybrate. Lybrate doctor discovery service is currently only available for doctors in India. We’re growing quickly so if we’re not in your country yet, check back soon!



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