Just 4 Minutes a Day to lose fat fast. Celebrity Trainer Lucy WyndhamRead says" Trainers used to be obsessed with how many calories you burned during a workout, but now were all talking about people burn more calories for longer they have finished working out, the key is that with Lucy’s 4 Minute workout you train really hard for 20 seconds, then have 10 seconds rest and you repeat this 8 times which is your 4 minute total, then you have raised your ( which is Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption, this is when your natural metabolic rate increases, and you can burn up to 35 calories extra an hour ,and can last for up to 10 hours) so add that up and that is 350 Calories. The fact this is only 4 Minutes means it is so achievable, fun and easy to stick to. We have designed this app so you simply press play and we do all the timing, motivation and coaching for you, so let us help you get in shape fast. The workout is fun and is only 4 minutes so easy to squeeze in your lunch hour or , anytime into your day and can even be done in front of the Lucy has a selection of variations that will get you in amazing shape and tone you all over; you can now enjoy getting fit and see results fast. The Different Workout s will not only get you burning fat but will also help to tone and sculpt different areas of your body. The Waist and Arm Toner is a great way of getting amazing abdominals and at the same time banishing those Bingo wings. The Lean Leg and But Jump, this will help to lift and sculpt through your bottom, hips and thighs The Inner and Outer Thigh Sculpting Jump, this is especially great for shaping your legs and toning deep into your inner and outer thighs. The Lower Body Power Workout this is tough but gets amazing results and will give you a great lower body workout that you will be proud to put on your skinny jeans. Jogging on the Spot, simple but highly effective this will get you workingtout hard but will get you results fast and at the same time will tone through your entire body. This is an approximate calorie burn based on a female aged 35 weighing 140lbs; the calorie burn will vary depending on your age, weight and gender.

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