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Take our very popular lower back yoga class taught daily at our center since 15 years. "Brilliant for Your Back" says UK's premiere "Yoga Magazine". ts effectiveness comes from a clear methodology On an anatomical level, we strengthen and stretch all muscles that alleviate compression of the lumbar discs. We first stabilise the vertebrae in a supine position before we strengthen the abdominals, lengthen the hamstrings and psoas, and consciously explore hip movement. By the end, with increased space and improved support, the discs feel relief from chronic pain and discomfort. "When leaving, felt like had grown at least an inch, if not two, in height!" Ulla Leppanen, 30 Beyond the mechanics, we set the rhythm of the class to achieve a deep internal focus, mindful movement, and awareness to remain well within one's comfort zone, all hallmarks of yoga practice. We also relax between exercises to consciously release residual tensions. " had almost resigned about my worsening back pain. When started the lower back yoga, the effect was immediate, and for the last year, having followed the classes regularly, my back has been better than in 20 years. even started skiing again." Jonas Winnerlov, 50 OBJECTVES Focused breathing to lengthen the lumbar spine Abdominal strengthening Leg strengthening & stretching Hip opening & extension Psoas stretching Spinal flexion & extension Deep relaxation 6 ADDTONAL PAN The app reuses all 28 practices of the "Full Back Class" to formulate 6 specialty classes, totalling two additional hours beyond the 1hour full back class "Crisis Management", two practices for when it's safe to start moving again after a back pain crisis; "Maintenance Program", a halfhour of the main practices; "On the Go", an 11minute program, convenient during holiday travel; Three ‘modified’ back pain classes for lordosis, sciatica, and S joint pain. Note These ‘modified’ classes do not treat these conditions. They simply eliminate practices contraindicated for these conditions so that one can enjoy the same benefit as those taking the full back class. " am feeling much better today! t’s incredible how a few gentle movements can make the difference." Olivia Roland, 26 Our motto is Spinal care with love and awareness. You’ll find adding both these qualities to your practice will produce even better results. Have a great class! Support lowerbackyoga.com/support

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