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Image is everything! Especially when it comes to selling your product, idea or company! That is why creating an amazing logo will help you set foot in the future. This extremely easy to use app comes with every detail you may need to create that perfect logo that gets your point across. Some of the main features include Choose or create a background from Our extensive library of images Your own pictures from your device or Dropbox From the web Add and customize images Cartoons Labels Shapes Abstract shapes Customize your text Choose from a wide variety of fonts Select a size Customize the color; this can go with gradient effects smoothly changing from one to another Add shadow in any direction Make it blurry or smooth looking Add glowing effects to the text Add border and choose the width of it WOW Make the text out of an existing image! Share it via email, Facebook Dropbox or just save it in your native library! The possibilities are endless; but in this ever challenging business world the opportunities are few. But with a good logo everyone will want to se what you've got to offer!

Website: http://www.gp-imports.com


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