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1333 free audiobooks in French. Ėcouter des livres en français! If you would like to improve your French listening and comprehension skills, download Livres udio today to practice listening to native French speakers reading over 1,333 classics, poems and short stories with accurate intonation and accents. Listen while commuting, doing housework, or exercising to continue your learning outside the classroom. Each audiobook is downloaded to your device for easy listening on the go. Slow down or speed up the speech to match your listening level and to assure you learn the language’s proper pronunciation. But Livres udio is not only for students. If you are already fluent in French, use Livres udio to listen to beautifully read free audiobooks in French. Livres udio offers the same features as Inkstone Mobile’s other popular audiobook apps, including high quality audio, a sleep timer for listening before bed, and a bookmarks feature to help remind you to review or return to a particularly challenging section! Livres udio features huge selection of 1,333 free books to choose from. sophisticated player with simple controls to skip forward and back, bookmark, or set a sleep timer. Controls to speed up or slow down the playback in 40 increments without altering the pitch. Great for learning French! Easy search functions to discover the best books and readers. Find books by most downloaded, top rated, tags, and duration. Leave a note for yourself to come back to your favorite parts of the selection, or to review a tricky section later with the bookmark feature. Preview an audiobook before downloading with the book preview player. Once you download your books, you can listen on the go, anywhere. No network connection required. Listen in background or send to your pple device. Book details are always one tap away from the player screen. Download Livres udio now to accelerate your French listening skills and enjoy 1,320 free audiobooks in French.


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