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super fun way to create beautiful double exposure photos and videos with a tap. LiveBlend is the only app in the app store that does this amazing blend effect in realtime. PROFESSONL MGES, Simply choose one photo and the app will blend this with the image from your device's camera. This app gets really fun when you use your own photos to blend with the camera image. t is very amusing to be always looking, wherever you go, for images to blend with. FETURES Hires image capture video capture Blend with any image Will fit to any size and shape image (square too!) Very easy to use Check out examples and more images to play with at BOUT My name is Eric Kunz and made this app because 'm all about sharing the love for what do with everyone around me. 'm from New York, love photography, and have won a few cool awards for it. love the capabilities that the iPhone brings to photographers. was inspired to make this app after perusing the great urban double exposures on nstagram. wanted to simplify the process of making these beautiful works. This is my first app and have designed and developed it. hope you enjoy using it as much as do.



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