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Shown to reduce symptoms by 34% in 8 weeks time and endorsed by worldrenowned expert, Dr. Michael Jenike, Live Free is an interactive application designed to guide users through the only evidencebased treatment, Exposure and Response Prevention for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If you are struggling with , should be the foundation of your treatment program as research indicates it will significantly reduce symptoms for 80% who engage in this form of treatment. For more information on , please consult the International Foundation website at For adult users, this app will help create exercises to diminish symptoms, set practice goals and rewards to increase motivation and consistency (the keys to success with ), provide a multitude of tools to help fight at any given moment (including specific tools for checking compulsions and contamination fears), and allow users (and any professional they may be working with) to track and monitor their progress. The children’s version, while having the same capabilities as the adult version, is gamelike and engaging. Live Free will guide child users through their battle with the Worry Wizard in an effort to reveal his true identity and, most importantly, conquer their . Live Free includes both adult and child video tutorials as well as an extensive 30page user’s guide with invaluable information that will enable users to utilize this program as an effective selfhelp tool or as an adjunct to therapy with a professional. This program may be adapted for use with other spectrum disorders including Body Dysmorphic Disorder, healthrelated or Hypochondriasis, Tourette Syndrome or other tic disorders, as well as more general fears and phobias. For additional support and guidance along the journey to living Free, our newly launched Live Free forum (accessible from our website, provides ongoing support from experts and other sufferers. Additionally, expert consultations and ongoing therapy may be provided to those who wish to work with a professional but do not have access to treatment with an specialist in their area. For more specific information on Live free's features and functionality, please visit Comprehensive video tutorials are accessible from our website.



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