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This App has achieved Top 10 rankings for Utilities in over 7 different Countries ( Do you find getting up in the morning hard work? Imagine you could wake up effortlessly each morning to the gradually increasing Sound of Summer as your room gently brightens. Well now you can with the Light Alarm. Wake up gently The gradually brightening light ensures you wake gradually, feeling refreshed & ready to go. Wake up wherever you want Alarm sounds including Birds, Chimes, Crickets & many more, mean you can wake up to the sounds of your favourite places. Easy for everyone to use Our user friendly design & default settings mean even technophobes can start using the app straight away. You decide how to wake up Configure all alarm buildup times, vibration alarms, snooze function and more. Meaning you can decide exactly how you are woken up. Choose how your alarm clock looks Configure clock display brightness, themes and more, so you can personalise your own clock. Save money This app is far cheaper than other Sunrise Alarms sold in shops, meaning you save money! Bright mornings, Dark ights Dim the screen at night with the brightness slider & use the flashlight in the morning for extra sunshine simulation. "This application is the best thought out alarm application ever. ot only has it got a great interface, but it manages to Wake me up gradually, almost naturally, with its buildup alarm mechanism. o more abrupt Wake ups in the morning. Great job!" 5/5 "This application is the best nature related alarm I've come across for my iPhone, & I've been looking. The bird sound Could just as well have come from an open window. Excellent sound quality..." 4/5 "...The Best Application ever thoughtout alarm. ot Only has it got a great interface, but it managed to Wake me up gradually, almost aturally, With its buildup alarm Mechanism. o More abrupt wake ups in the morning. Great job!" 5/5 1. Simply update the alarm time (if required). 2. Amend any settings you wish to update. 3. Press 'Activate Alarm' button. To reduce screen brightness at night use inapp clock display dimmer. Keep device plugged in overnight (for battery life). For important appointments, please use an external secondary alarm clock as a backup. LIMITATIO By downloading this app you acknowledge that, Seligman Ventures Ltd cannot and does not assume any responsibility for, and shall not be liable for, any damages or expenses you may incur as a result of any inaccuracy, incompleteness or obsolescence of any information or functionality contained in this app and will not be liable to you or to any other party for any direct or indirect damages, any special, exemplary, punitive, incidental, consequential or other damages (including, but not limited to, lost profits or lost time), whether based on contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise, which arise out of or are in any way connected with any access to this app. THAKS Photos (derivative versions) in App are used under Creative Commons (Flickr) from MikeBaird (Yellowrumped Warbler) Mollie Emm (Windchimes) Feans (Macro Grilo Cricket) atalielucier (Bonfire on the beach) ickpestov (Wave) Robin24 (Rain drop) icholasT's (Conduit) Scazon (Seagull) Kyknoord (MentalState) Lawrence Murray (Wind Farm Panorama) Hosiawak (Didgeridoo) Jerrroen (Kitten) App uses sound files by Freesound (http// Evening in the forest by Reinsamba Chimes by Chronos Merloth Park crickets by Reinsamba Fire embers large campfire by Dynamicell Ocean by Slanesh Ambient Rain on Forest Canopy by Arctura Small eddy on a river by Volivieri Seagulls by Inchadney 01 oise by Toine Wind by Didgeridoo by Sandyrb Domestic Cat Purr by Hell's Sound Guy Alarm Clock by Jackstrebor


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