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The new app for book lovers, book collectors, book hoarders, and book reviewers! This app is the perfect application for your physical paper books! Easy Input Scan your book's code with our awesome scanner, or search for the book easily with our search bar by author/title/, or import them from your Good Reads account under the Accounts Tab, or if it's a rare book, enter it manually! Easy peasy! Organize with Stacks We make cataloging easy and versatile! Use Stacks to create your own categories to put your book into. The great thing about stacks is, you can put your book into multiple stacks, so you can have the same book listed under its author, title, subject, the color of the book, and even by the location where it's being stored (e.g. Bedroom First Bookshelf) Social Be a social book butterfly! Log in with your Facebook account and connect with your friends that also have accounts to see their book lists. Connect with other users that interest you and see their booklists. You can even follow them and create a following of your own. Show other people's book some love by giving their books Likes. <3 Borrow We love connecting people. If a book interests you, request to borrow the book from the owner and if they accept, we'll connect you. Don't let your books collect dust. You have the power through your books to give them new life! Have a cup of coffee or tea and share you books! There's much more inside for you to discover and much more to come! Enjoy and love your books!



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