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>> Only download this app if you own an from 2011 or later with Smart capabilities. Just bought your internet connected or already have one at home? Well, with this app you can unleash the power of your new . Simply download this app and access additional content, currently not available on the itself as you use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to control your over WiFi. Enjoy millions of videos, images, and songs anywhere and share them with your friends. Easily search and find interesting content from many sources, including your mobile device and home network, and watch it on your internet connected or on your mobile device. With the Media Player, you can do the following Easily search, find, and browse videos, photos, or music and watch on directly from your phone or tablet. Discover new and featured videos every day across a number of video topic channels for you to enjoy. Browse channels using easytonavigate video carousels. Stream music and videos directly to your or mobile device. No installation needed (except this app). Access your photo and social networking accounts to watch on your . Create and Manage playlists of music and enjoy on your mobile or . Video search Add to favorites View and manage history Watch on Create and manage music playlists Sharing Continuous video and music play Upload videos and photos Access to your Home Media Servers Search and find your music, photos, and videos from multiple content sources including your iOS device, your home network or the Internet. Share via email, Twitter, and Facebook Content includes Video Podcasts YouTube videos Your Music, photos, and videos (only from Camera Roll) from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad SHOUTcast Internet radio Facebook videos and photos from you and your friends Flickr photos Picasa (Web Album) photos Local Media Servers, any or UPnP Media Servers in your home network The “Now Playing” screen provides information about the content that you are watching on your . Music and Video player controls (i.e. previous, pause, play, next, and volume) appear, depending on the capabilities of your setup. Sign out of Zappo. Delete your viewing history. Send application logs to Zappo. MyZappo > Favorites, lets you access and manage your viewing history. MyZappo > History makes it super easy to watch previous viewed photos or videos. iOS 4.2 and later versions. Zappo account is required. We love to hear from our customers! Please contact us at info@zappo.tv for any suggestions and improvements.

Website: http://www.zappo.tv


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