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This is what 've been looking for. 'm sick of reading through text without an example to view. The app has videos, buttons pinch and zoom as visual examples so can see what am creating. 'm really impressed. Thank you. This application is a great starting point for learning iPhone/iPad programming with Xcode because it contains TOTL of 78 in Xcode across 7 with 68 & examples and 9 ntroductory Videos in addition to an introduction in ObjectiveC that includes 24 topics and a walk through video You are here because you made a choice, and that choice is to learn how to develop applications for iPhone and iPad, and our goal is to help you. This tutorial contains a series of lessons with different levels of difficulty. We will take you one step up the ladder in each lesson. Lessons include the code itself, an explanation of its functionalities. t also includes one more element that we believed to be of high importance and that is the "Touch and Feel" examples. These examples are the real out comes of different lessons, inwhich you can touch, push, listen, interact with them as if you have already built your own project. ts meant to enhance the learning process. Developing an application is easy, yet developing a great application is the goal. You will be going through a natural learning curve inwhich you will sometimes feel frustrated, don't be, every developer has been there at some point, and the ones who made it are the ones who kept going forward. The topics included are (Level 0) ntroductory Videos Walk Through dding a Framework Project Name dding a New Controller Project Updating Where to add the code? Create group and add files Sender Tag Release or Not (Level ) Your First Project Xcode nterface Objects Buttons & Labels Smart fStatement Text Field Changing Project Name Scroll View mage View Buttons ttributes Background Color Segmented Control Switch (Level ) Link Web View ctivity ndicator mage Pinch & Zoom Fading Objects n & Out NSTimer 1 NSTimer 2 Progress View lert View Storyboard con Badge (Level ) Picker View Picker & Background Mix Picker & Web View Mix Date Picker Sounds & Music Picker, Music & mage Mix Playing Videos Picker & Video Mix Sending Emails ction Sheet Saving mages Streaming Radio Streaming Random Generation (Level Displaying Sliders Record & Play Sounds Using Camera Locations 1 Locations 2 Sender Tag Building a Calculator Table View Tab View View Switching and Transitioning Page Control ccelerometer Shake Detection (Level nimating of Photos Moving Objects with Buttons Collision Detection Timed Motion Screen Boundaries nimation Mix Down Building a Clock Touches Dragging Objects Touches 2 Touches 3 Subclassing UVew Drawing nimation & Drawing nimation Mix Testing on Device (Level Programatic Label, Button & View Rounded Edge Views Programatic mage and View Playing Video in a View Menu (1) Menu (2) Menu (3) Sliding Door mageView Rotation TransfromConcat Popover's ntroduction to ObjectiveC (Part 1) that includes How & Where Video The basic concepts Variables what & how Operators Command Line Tool project NSLog Format Specifiers Comments Floats Modulo Compound Operators ncrement and Decrement Operators Cast Operator if statement Comparison Operators Logical Operators bool Pointers define Reserved words double Data Structure typedef functions Variables Scope function prototypes


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