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You've heard of a Teacher's pet. Meet the new Student's Pet. Lecture Recorder turns your phone into a dictation, note taking device. Super Cool! Add it to your reminder list of must haves this semester! OPERATE 1. Accept the terms 2. Operate like an audio recorder. Hitting the appropriate buttons needed Play, Stop, Record, Timer with cool added feature that it will record only when a voice is speaking saving you time. This app is a very clever idea allowing you to multitask or just soak up knowledge in school or class. If you brainstorm, you can easily find many uses for this app Organize your memos, make a monthly day planner, turn it into a personal notepad and sticky reminder for household items. It can help you remember tasks and meetings you must attend. Playback notes to help you study or create a computer file. You can create a healthy, balanced timetable to your life helping you do more efficiently with less stress. Sharing this app with everyone is a great idea once you draw their attention to all the possibilities offered. Download Lecture Recorder for all your scholarly needs!


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