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TV! Renowned For Being The App For Learner Drivers Or Licence Holders Wanting To Refresh Their Road Knowledge/Skills Renowned For ts Features & OR S! WH 30 NSTRUCTAL ✓ Official ractice Driving Test ✓ Over 1 Hour Of Video Lessons ✓ No nternet Required! ✓ Easy To Use This App is unlike any other. t doesn’t just help you practice and pass your Theory Learner Test with Australian Road Rule Questions taken from an actual test, but will prepare you before you get on the road and tell you how to drive both Automatic and Manual cars with all the manoeuvres you will need to know for your late ractical Driving Test. t has over an hour of videos. This means it may take a short while to download through WiFi but it is than worth it. Just read the ratings below. Trust us. This App is for you by Teenagers who have recently been through the same situation and have added what we had trouble with! You will not regret it! Some of Our Ratings “Never thought ’d find an app for learners that actually was worth the money. This app is sooo good. Compared to the other apps that came up when searched this one, it is in a whole new league. Loved the vids!” RobotDavis “ thought that knew a lot as a learner but after watching these videos and looking at the info have to say that had a lot to learn but this app is soo awesome and has taught me so much. Great app and definitely worth four bucks. would buy it again if could” Gftrft The Videos We have included 30 videos totalling over a whole hour of lessons from the coolest Driving School around… MiniMe Driving School! These videos are awesome! They cover everything from the absolute basics, explaining all the controls and how to actually start, stop and steer a car both in Automatic Manual, to stepbystep demonstrations of the Manoeuvres for the ractical Driving Test such as Reverse arallel arking and Hill Starts. All of this filmied in Mini Coopers by an absolutely brilliant and unique Driving nstructor! These videos are invaluable and will equip you for actual driving on Australian Roads. We have even included a demonstration on How To Check the Air in your Tires as well as Checking Oil and Water! These are on the App from the start and do not require the internet to view! The ractice Test This test is brilliant. The questions are drawn randomly from a question bank of 600 covering Australian Road Rules and Regulations. t will help you practice for your test no matter what State you are in! The questions are drawn from an Actual Driver Knowledge Test under expressed permission so the questions are Accurate and there is spelling mistakes or poor paraphrasing. The test is brilliant and if you repeatedly pass this test… You will very easily pass your Learner Test! What Now? So... Check Out the Screenshots Below, connect yourself to WiFi or Go on your Computer and Download this App! You Will not Regret t! Any questions or feedback? Drop us an eMail at support@fusecreations.com! We have more great ideas coming up! Rate and Review to help keep the Updates Coming! LEE TE t is recommended that you are running OS4 on your device for the best user experience. OS 3.0+ is not recommended.

Website: http://www.learnerdriverapp.com


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