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GoLearningBus quality product from WG Mobile Inc !!! Focus of GoLearningBus is to make education enjoyable, entertaining, and exciting for everyone. GoLearningBus brings you, simpleNeasy, onthego learning pp for "Programming Languages". You have limited access to the content provided. In this mode you can access first category in each app for free ("Introduction to Swift" in Swift Programming, "Introduction to Java" in Java Programming and "Introduction" in Computer Science) Login further to access second chapter of each app. For full access to the content, please purchase this application. You can purchase "Swift Programming", "Java Programming" and "Computer Science" applications from within this app just for $4.99 each. You can purchase complete app just for $11.99. The app provides 1. Snack sized chapters for easy learning. 2. Bite sized flashcards to memorize key concepts. 3. Simple and easy quizzes for selfassessment. 4. Code Samples for Practice. 5. Embedded videos for better understanding. This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Swift Programming, Java Programming and Computer Science via easy to grasp snack sized chapters "Swift Programming" includes Introduction to Swift, Swift Tools, Let's Write Some Code in Swift, Swift Basics, Swift Variables and Data Types, Operators, Controlling Program Flow, Functions, Classes and Structures, Properties and Methods, Inheritance, Enumeration, Memory Management, Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective Calculator Using Swift. "Java Programming" includes Introduction to Java, Installing the Software, Java Tools, Object Oriented Programming, Core Elements of a Java Program, Basics of Java, Java rchitecture and pplication, Packages and pplets, Classes and Objects, bstract Class and Interface, Encapsulation, Inheritance, bstraction and Polymorphism, Constructor and String, Multithreading and Exception Handling, Java Debugging, Creating your own JR files, Calculator using ndroid. "Computer Science" includes Introduction, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, lgorithms, Sorting lgorithms, Operating System, Data Processing, File Processing, Programming Basics, Web Programming Basics, Networking and Internet, Database, Memory Management, Computer Security and Viruses, Software Engineering. bout GoLearningBus pps 1) companion app for onthego, bitesized learning. 2) Over Three million paying customers from 175+ countries. Why GoLearningBus apps 1) Beautifully simple, mazingly easy, Massive selection of apps. 2) Effective, Engaging and Entertaining apps. 3) n incredible value for money. Lifetime of free updates! GoLearningBus Vision simpleNeasy pps for a lifetime of onthego learning. GoLearningBus Mission simpleNeasy GoLearningBus pp in every hand. Visit us www.GoLearningBus.com Please write to us at Team@WGmob.com. We would love to improve this pp.

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