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Learn Mandarin Chinese vocabulary the and way with Mandarin Madness the vocabulary training game. Forget boring flash cards and learn 240+ Mandarin Chinese words by playing a fun, fastpaced arcade game instead! 2 in ustralia 10 in ustralia, New Zealand gem of a learning application, with a great concept for combining education and gaming fun. Crazy Mike's pps The experience is onpar or better than Byki or Rosetta Stone and we can’t applaud it enough. It is unbeatable value for the language learner. Luke Patrick This app encourages quick learning of words and is a wonderful tool for learning as it makes it fun and quick. Tessa lfred “s it’s for beginners, and all about fun, there’s no writing just aural and visual recognition….and so the app’s nicelydrawn and cartoony visuals come to the fore” Penn Olson FETURES Learn more quickly than with flash cards. No translation! Learn the same way you learnt your first language. Learn to recognize both the simplified Chinese text as well as the sound, spoken by a native Mandarin speaker. 3 stages and 41 levels that each get progressively more difficult to ensure your mastery of a set of words. Fun arcade style gameplay that takes the tedium out of learning Mandarin Chinese vocabulary. Ideal for beginner intermediate Chinese Mandarin students. Great for travellers to pick up some useful vocabulary whilst on the plane, train, bus or boat. Words are organized into themed language packs and you are required to beat all the levels in each stage for a pack before advancing to the next stage. Mandarin Madness is ideal as a companion tool for those beginning to learn Mandarin Chinese but is also great for those whose Chinese is a little rusty from disuse and need to refresh their vocabulary. Travellers too will find it a great way to acquire some useful words to assist in the myriad of situations a traveller finds themselves. If you have a question, suggestion or issue we'd love to hear from you so email us at hello@nativetongue.com, leave us a comment on the store or visit our company website www.nativetongue.com. Language packs nimals, Numbers 1 10, Clothing, Vegetables 1, Stationery, Colours, Communications, Vegetables 2, round the home, Fruit Coming soon Food Essentials, Meat, Seafood, Body parts, Travel, Technology, Beverages, Sports, Vehicles, Numbers 10 20, Numbers 10 100 Fan of Mandarin Madness? Like us at http//www.facebook.com/mandarinmadness Follow us at http//www.twitter.com/mandarinmadness Visit us at http//www.mandarinmadness.com

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