Law Enforcement Prank

About Law Enforcement Prank

Ever wanted to scare your friends that like to drive fast and not obey the laws of the road, use this app fool them to think that the red dots are police and there everywhere. Turn on the notifications to receive prank notification saying there is a police officer near by and show it to your friends. Also use the youtube videos to prank your friends into thinking that they are live dashcams. Disclaimer This app is only to use for fun and to prank your friends into driving safe. This app does not actually tell you where cops are at the red dots are fake and only move around for pranking your friends. This app is to use for fun and to prank people Also to help people into driving safe and not disobey the law of there state Thia app has nothing to do with law enforcement agencies or officers nor checkpoints its purpose is to trick your friends.


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