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Lámh Time App is a new play and learning app for children who use Lámh Signs© to support their communication, and for families and professionals using Lámh Signs with them. Expert presenters Maura and Keith use Lámh Signs to guide Lámh users through fun ‘Knock, knock’ and ‘Where’s my…?’ activities, as well as illustrated stories. The Lámh Time App features 110+ Lámh signs for use at home and at school. With the app, Lámh users have opportunities to see and use Lámh Signs in context and in sentences. Live action is combined with graphics and animation. Families and professionals can use the Lámh Sign Library to review and practice individual Lámh Signs from each section. FEATURES 4 Homethemed activities 2 Schoolthemed activities classroom and playground Knockknock activity 2 fun stories Lámh Signs© Library Links to further information The Lámh Time App can be used by young Lámh users, families and professionals at home and in education and therapeutic settings. The app supports signing in context and Lámh Sign practice, which is of high importance to those who rely on consistency of Lámh sign use from communication partners to support and facilitate their communication. Lámh is the manual sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland www.lamh.org. Some children and adults use Lámh Signs along with speech or other ways of communicating and some people use Lámh Signs as their main way of communicating. To learn about Lámh Signs and Lámh use, families and professionals can attend a range of Lámh Courses. Speak to your service provider or contact Lámh at info@lamh.org, 059 9139657 or see www.lamh.org. This app has been produced by Lámh (Communication Augmentation Sign System Ltd.) www.lamh.org in partnership with Down Syndrome Ireland www.downsyndrome.ie, the national voluntary organisation providing support and information to people with Down syndrome and their families in twentyfive branches nationwide. To see more about the Lámh Time App, see our YouTube channel Lamh Signs, www.downsyndrome.ie and www.lamh.org.


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