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The Lacrosse ClipPad is an intuitively designed iPad app that provides coaches with a "whiteboard", drill builder, and practice planner. Create easy to follow drills and develop practice plans that you can print or email to share with your team and coaches. This app works great with an iPad stylus. Benefits up clean, easy to view drills and drills for later use. No more thick binders full of drills that are hard to find. practice plans and the plans with fellow coaches. Now all coaches can be prepared before practice. drills with fellow coaches. Build up your collection of drills by sharing with other coaches through the app. your team plays and tactics using the whiteboard feature. No need for marker, pen or paper on the bench. App features include to quickly sketch plays and tactics Build welldesigned drills Support for Boys and Girls field layouts Choose from a list of useful drill symbols Drawing capabilities with different colors, line styles, and line ends Easy access to player icons (by position) to quickly draw up plays Save your drills in the app's drill repository for quick access EMail drills and plays Save drills to photos Manage and Share Drills/Plays without leaving the app Easily categorize and locate saved drills Customize the drill categories as you see fit Easily view all of your saved drills Support for Portrait and Landscape device orientation when editing and viewing drills & plays Ability to export and import drills into the app Email drills and practice plans PLANS Save, Share, Print Generate and share practice plans with a few touches Select the drills and let the app create the plan for you Save and Organize practice plans by team or group Share practice plans with fellow coaches via email Print Practice Plans from the iPad to an AirPrint enabled printer Requires iOS 5.1 or higher


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