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Featured on Utilities category in and Canada stores New & Noteworthy in 63 countries "Konvert is a beautifully simple unitconversion app for iPhone" TheNextWeb "Conversions Have Never Been Simpler With Konvert" ppdvice "It’s perhaps the perfect unique iOS 7 design" ppStorm "New iPhone app worth downloading Konvert" ppolicious simple way to Konvert between units on iPhone. Convert base, time, mass, length, data, speed and much more seamlessly! 24 categories and hundreds of units ngle ° , g, rad, turn rea m², ac, a, ha, cm², dm², dam², hm², inch², km², mi², mm², yard², ft² Base 10, 16, 2, 8 Currency Unites States ollar EUR Euro JPY Japanese Yen GBP British Pound TRY Turkish Lira CHF Swiss Franc E United rab Emirates irhams RS rgentina Pesos U ustralian ollar ZN zerbaijan New Manats BGN Bulgarian Lev BH Bahrain inars BOB Bolivia Bolivianos BRL Brazilian Real C Canadian ollar CLP Chile Pesos CNY Chinese Yuan COP Colombia Pesos CUP Cuban Pesos CZK Czech Koruna KK anish Krone Z lgerian inars EGP Egypt Pounds GEL Georgian Lari HK Hong Kong ollar HRK Croatian Kuna HUF Hungarian Forint IR Indonesian Rupiah ILS Israeli Sheqel INR Indian Rupee IQ Iraqi inars IRR Iran Rials KRW South Korean Won KW Kuwait inars KZT Kazakhstan Tenge LTL Lithuanian Litas LY Libya inars MXN Mexican Peso MYR Malaysian Ringgit NOK Norwegian Krone NZ New Zealand ollar PEN Peru Nuevos Soles PHP Philippine Peso PKR Pakistan Rupees PLN Polish Zloty PYG Paraguay Guarani QR Qatar Riyals RON Romanian Leu RUB Russian Ruble SR Saudi rabia Riyals SEK Swedish Krona SG Singapore ollar SYP Syrian Pounds THB Thai Baht TMT Turkmenistan New Manats TN Tunisia inars TT Trinidad and Tobago ollars TW Taiwan New ollars UH Ukrainian Hryvnia UYU Uruguay Pesos VEF Venezuela Bolivares Fuertes ZR South frican Rand Energy kWh, cal, erg, k kcal Length m, dm, mm, inch, yard, ft, cm, km, mi, Mass kg, lb, st, oz, t, ton, gr, mg, mcg Power BTU/hr, BTU/s, cal/s, kcal/s, k hp Speed km/h, mph, ft/s, m/s, knot, mach, c (speed of light) Temperature Time hr, d, m, w, yr, ns, μs, ms, s Volume m³, l, ml, cm³, cu in, cu yd, cu ft, ()gal, (UK)gal,qt, pt, cup, fl oz, tbsp, tsp, bbl(fluid), bbl(oil), bbl(dry) cceleration m/s², Gal, g, in/s², km/s², mi/s² ata K M G T Ki Mi Gi Ti bit, Kbit, Mbit, Gbit, Tbit ensity gr/cm³, kg/m³, gr/l, oz/gal, lb/cu ft, kg/l Flow Rate l/s, l/min, l/hr, m³/s, m³/mi, m³/hr, cu ft/s, cu ft/min, cu ft/hr, gal/s, gal/min, gal/hr, bbl(o)/d, bbl(f)/d Force dyn, pdl, kp Frequency Hz, kHz, MHz, GHz, rpm, rps, rad/min, rad/s Fuel km/l, l/100km, l/100mil, gal/100mil, imperial gal/100mil, mpg, mpig Illuminance lx, lm/cm², lm/m², mcd, ph, ph, nx Pressure b, psf, psi, Pa, torr, atm Radiation sv, gy, j/kg, m²/s², rem, R/h Torque Nm, Ncm, Nmm, kNm, dynm, ozf in, lbf ft, lbf in Typography pt, px(72), px(96), px(150), px(300), mm, cm, in, twip, em, pica


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